Surprise of the Month – creating customer delight

How do you create customer delight ?

Is customer delight necessary  – If you have good field service software product that customers love to use – How do you take it to the next level & keep customers happy ?

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Creating Delighted Customers

This is a question that we deal with every day at Easyf6.
Even if great support & functional software will keep your customers happy , what do you do to DELIGHT them.

So we did some brain storming & came up with this concept of Surprise of the month.
It is a simple contest that we run within our team.

Contest Rules

  • Every team member submits 1 feature ideas that they think will WOW customers – Every month
  • They need to be able to build those features if they win
  • As a team we vote on these ideas
  • you cant vote for your won idea

That’s it – 4 simple rules ! Then we take the build the feature that wins.
The person who won gets to lead the build , everyone else has to support them.
There’s also some occasional prizes such as a preferred desk , or the last slice of pizza !

True story – April 2013 Contest

Here’s a story of what happened in April

Website Integration Widget

The winning feature was a widget that would allow consumers to book service calls directly from a customers websites.

From a consumers perspective this is an amazing feature. Just logon pick your date and time and the appointment is confirmed
Its even better for the service company. They are able to reduce the load on the phone attendant and leverage technology to add efficiency and ultimate convenience to the customer.

We tested this out with our customer – Appliance Connection DFW . We “Surprised” them by installing it on their website. They even got a lead from it the first day & they didnt realize it till the customer called back to re-confirm the appointment.

WE will keep posting monthly surprises on our blog. Stay Tuned.