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Appliance company software application that will help any company in the appliance repair / installation business

Outside sales teams service software

That heading above – doesn’t sound like a buzzword today;certainly doesn’t sound like a technology solution that can do much. The reason is that Appliance repair / installation companies are traditionally not a software driven workplace.

Most Appliance companies are very manual in their processes & folks in the field have a lot on their hands to be bothered by Technology.

We at Easyf6 are trying to change this paradigm with a revolution in software technology for the Appliance repair / installation industry.

Our software is a workflow automation system for Appliance companies. Starting with field force management , dispatch management with dynamic job allocation , down to workflow management & payment handling , it’s an end to end solution that will become heart of your appliance repair & installation business.
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Our Appliance Company Software Provides 3 things to help you grow

Efficiency – From the inception of a job to the completion & payment , we add efficiencies at each step by streamlining communication , reducing data entry & increasing data integrity

Transparency – Our system brings all your data under control , everything is centrally stored & accessible from any web browser

Data Intelligence – Use our system for 30 days and you will be amazed what business intelligence can do for an appliance company. We will show which technicians make you money , which customers you need to focus on , even what parts you should buy in bulk.

Our Workflow automation software for the appliance companies delivers true ROI on each of the above parameters to demonstrate an overall measurable growth to the company

Try us out free of cost for 30 days , you will be amazed with the results.

Our consultants will walk you through each step till you get totally comfortable & we won’t charge you a dime till we can show you the returns.
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