“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford

We Integrate with existing systems

We believe in Integration and aim to be the most flexible & extensible field service management application on the market.

There are many Field service management applications that claim to offer a CRM or accounting or many other neat features.

WE respect what others have done , there are many awesome systems out there that are great at what they do (Just like us !)

We don’t claim to be a “replacement” for a CRM or an accounting software , we will complement them & extend them to your technicians mobile phones.

Ready Integrations

  • QuickBooks
  • Gravity Payments
  • EZETap

These integrations are supported out of the box , there are many more that can be easily configured using our API

API Support

We provide an API that will allow you to integrate to ANY system on your end. It is a standard SOAP API that will allow you interact with almost all modules of the Easyf6 Application.

Customers have used our API todo some interesting things with existing CRM / ERP systems.

API Integration Story

A customer in the Retail Tech Support space was running a large organization of 200 + Technicians & they had a call centre staff that was managing day to day work on a home grown CRM system.

The customer wanted to implement Easyf6 but they were not in a position to undertake the change & training overhead of switching systems.

We provided our API & with some help from our engineers the customer was able achieve a seamless integration into their CRM

The process is as follows

  • Agent logs into Customer CRM System & creates a ticket based on an incoming customer call
  • With the customer address the CRM calls the Easyf6 API to request a list of nearest technicians
  • We provide a list back with Tech names sorted for distance , skill & availability
  • This list is shown as pop out on the CRM , the agent selects a technician & completes the ticket
  • Ticket flows through our app & a push notification takes it to the Technicians phone in an instant

When the Technician makes a change on the phone we notifiy the CRM with a call back URL , the CRM then requests us to provide the details of the update & in an instant both the systems are in sync

This integration has saved an immense amount of time & money for the customer & thier efficiency has increased signficantly

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For questions & to discuss possible Integration options please email [email protected]