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What is Field Service Management & how does it impact the average service company?
Field Service management can mean different things to different people.
Most service companies will relate to field service management as one of the 2 items below:

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  • Ensuring proper service delivery to customers
  • Increasing efficiency by optimizing resource utilization


Lets evaluate how a service company needs to understand & adopt the concept of field service management.

DID YOU KNOW? If a customer gets an appointment of their choice they are 2.3 times more likely to call you again.

Ensuring Proper service delivery to customers

 “An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.” – Mae West

In the service industry performance is what matters, everything else is a distraction.

Excellent service delivery can only be achieved out of an excellent process.
Processes may evolve over time but they must be consistent at all times.banner-slider-10

The best service companies ensure that they have a set process & all their staff in the field is trained to follow it.
They also adopt field service management best practices, to ensure that they are able to track & manage these processes.

Standardizing processes in field service has multiple benefits.

  • Finding areas of improvements becomes easier
  • Customer experience is consistent
  • All your technicians are delivering the same service
  • Training new technicians is faster
  • Customer satisfaction increases over time

Increasing Efficiency by Optimizing Resource Utilization

You have achieved the holy grail of processes, customers are happy – life is good!

Next level of greatness comes out of optimizing your field service operations to increase efficiency & drive more profits.

  • Are you able to send the closest tech to the job & save gas money?
  • Are you able to identify which tech can do a certain type of job “fastest”?
  • Have you optimized your inventory? Do you buy the right parts in bulk?

DID YOU KNOW? If a service company of 5 technicians uses the most optimal routes to complete 15 jobs per day – they can save over $9350 in fuel cost EVERY YEAR!

How does this benefit my service company?

We work with many service companies & analyzing that data tells us that the best companies who focus on field service management are able to

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Decrease cost
  • Become more profitable

Can a Field Service Management Software really help ?

Efficient field service management is near impossible without the right software.
A Field Service Management Software will deliver the following features for a service company

  • Enforce step by step workflows for different job types
  • Guide technicians & help them follow a process
  • Ensure compliance with customer signatures/notes etc.
  • Help with route planning
  • Provide intelligent reports to optimize processes
  • Provide intelligent reports to optimize inventory – help you place bulk orders in time

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