Field Force Management Application – Easyf6

Field Force Management Application

Mobility is a part of the workers employed by various organizations that are engaged in appliance repair or plumbing or HVAC etc. With the increasing competitiveness in the market, every organization wants to remain ahead in customer satisfaction. The customers play an important role in deciding the growth and expansion of the organization. Such service organizations really need a handy tool that would help them in monitoring their field staff’s movements and productivity. It also will help them in providing faster and efficient service to the customers.

Easyf6 is the right response to all those service companies that are looking for software which would help them in monitoring their field staff and also provide them with inputs that will increase the productivity. This is a Mobile SaaS (Software as Service) application that is both affordable and easy to use.  It helps in managing the field force and automates the work flow.

application works on three levels – for the service company, for the service technician and for the customer.   If we talk about the service company, this application has multiple benefits.  The management is always aware about the whereabouts of their employees; can send any worker to the site in lesser time and can attend the urgent request first. software would also help the company in maintaining real time schedules and activity alerts. It can automatically sync the schedules with the technician’s phone. The business can also have instant information about the completion of the job and also the bills that have been paid. Easyf6 software also helps in tracking the marketing aspect of the organization. It can have information about the source which is bringing in the most money as also the revenue from the ad sources. The software also tells about the cities or the zip codes that are most profitable.

Secondly, Easyf6 application also helps the technicians in the field. There is no need for them to call up the office for their jobs; they get it on their phones along with the full details and customer history. It also provides with the directions to the customer’s place, photos and   full description.  This application saves the technician from carrying scribble pad everywhere; going paperless is the new mantra.  Everything is stored in the phone and can be shared instantly. Using this software, the technicians can order the spare parts from anywhere anytime and can also notify the customers as soon as the spares arrive.   It can be learnt in 10 minutes and started in the next 10 minutes without using any new hardware.

Customers too benefit from the Easyf6 software.  They do not have to keep waiting for the technician; they get a confirmed time that is both texted and emailed to them. Or if the technician is going to be late, the same information can be transferred to them. The customers can also know exactly how far the workers are from their place. With Easyf6 software, the client can directly swipe their card on the technician’s phone and pay the invoices online. This software is also one of the best methods to get customer feedback with full assurance that the company sees it and that it goes to the technician’s record.