Field Force Management App – Easyf6 (A Job Scheduling SaaS Application)

Field Force Management App – Easyf6 (A Job Scheduling SaaS Application)

Field force management is one of the biggest challenges that are faced by the service companies. It is extremely difficult to monitor the productivity and performance of the field staff especially in cases when they are on the move. Efficient and prompt services are always a delight for the customers. And if it is the field service management application that we are talking about then it needs to be Easyf6 application. The growth and expansion of any company depends on the satisfaction and approval of its customers. The Easyf6 software is one such application which is extremely customer friendly.

Easyf6 application helps the customer in many aspects. It can be used to get a preferred appointment without the dilly dallying between days and time. If it’s a given time and a fixed date then the customer is sure to get the services on that date at that time. This surely removes the pain of waiting for the technician. Best thing about this application is that the customers get appointment time texted and emailed to them. Moreover if the technician is going to be late or absent for the work, the customer immediately gets this information which in turn saves a lot of time and energy. What could be better than getting the latest info at hand!!!

This software helps in a smooth workflow which guarantees that the technicians have to follow the work process to the T which in fact leads to better performance and customer approval. This application has made things easy for the clients as in they can know the exact distance where the technicians are and can schedule their time accordingly.

Easyf6 application makes life easier for the clients as they can pay their bills online by directly swiping their card on the technician’s phone. This saves both time and efforts and also the long sending and resending of the invoices between the company and the client which can be at times very frustrating for both the concerned parties. Easyf6 application saves the clients from such hassles.

Customers are the best option to get a clear unbiased opinion about any service or product. With this application at their disposal, the customers can revert back to the company with their honest feedback. The application is so designed that it is synched with the administration which guarantees that the feedback and opinions reach the company, is viewed by the company and goes directly to the technician’s record. It gives a customer immense pleasure that his/her vies are valued and taken into consideration. This increases the customer loyalty towards the company or the product.

So isn’t then Easyf6 application a customer’s delight with all the benefits that are listed above!! Surely it will bring about customer satisfaction resulting in better relations between the service company and the client.