I am a Service Technician

Easyf6 is a powerful application that will completely change your interaction with your service company.

    Daily Schedule on Screen

  • No need to contact the office
  • Instantly view your schedule
  • Full details & customer historyt

    Real Time Activity Alerts

  • Alerts on paid invoices?
  • Alerts on new jobs

    Full Job Details

  • Driving directions, photos, descriptions
  • Full information at your fingertips

    Driving Directions

  • Turn-by-turn audio navigation
  • Location system lets customers know where you are

    Complete Job Work-Flows

  • Never forget that signature!
  • Phone prompts you to fill out all the forms needed

    Go Paperless

  • No need to carry a tablet or files
  • Everything is stored on your phone & shared instantly

    Track Spare Parts

  • Order spares directly from your phone
  • Notify customers when spares arrive

    Create Invoices

  • Instantly send invoices to customers with full detail

    Collect Payments

  • Customers can pay online or in cash
  • Swiper integration to swipe the card right on the phone
  • Never a delayed payment

    iOS / Android

  • No new hardware needed
  • Convert your existing phone into your new mobile system

    Get Started Instantly

  • 10 minutes to launch, 10 minutes to learn