KumoTeam is a powerful application with 100’s of Amazing Features

I Manage a Service Team / I own a Service Business

Cool features of KumoTeam What’s in it for me?
Live Map view of the entire team
  • Know where your staff is 100% of the time
  • Send the closest person & save gas
  • React to urgent requests first
Instant Location Updates & Status
  • Know who is working at a job and who will be available instantly
Real Time Team schedule
  • Easy to understand view of your entire company’s schedule
  • Assign jobs seamlessly based on availability
  • Schedule syncs automatically to the Tech’s phone
Custom Job PDF
  • A custom formatted job card that can be printed/emailed to a customer
  • Your logo/branding & all the data you want to show
Real Time Activity Alerts
  • Did some one change an invoice> Did a payment come in? Was a job completed?
  • Know everything instantly in real time!
Real Time Financials / Job data
  • How many jobs were booked today? How many completed?
  • How much invoicing did we do this week?
  • What is this month’s collection money?
Handle request by Make / Model
  • Map jobs by make & model of products that need to be serviced
  • 1000’s of brands supported
  • Customize your own list
Handle warranties
  • Integrate with OEM warranty services
  • Instantly see if a product is in warranty or not
Multiple Job Categories
  • Installation? Service? Repair?
  • Segregate incoming job types for different workflows & billing
  • Track & report on all categories
Track Ad Sources
  • Know which ad source brings you the most money per call
  • Track revenue from all your ad sources
Multiple Technician Skills
  • Track skill types & levels for all your technicians
  • Send the best suited technician for the job
Mini CRM to Track Clients
  • Client Contacts
  • Job History
  • Feedback
  • 5-star rating system highlights your top clients
  • Connected web forms take jobs directly from any website
Customer Surveys
  • Simple 3 question survey automatically sent to your customers
  • Results mapped to technician & customer records
  • Instantly track customer satisfaction levels
3rd Party Integration Ready
  • Already have a CRM ? Ticketing system ? ERP ?
  • We integrated instantly with most systems
Call Tracking Integration
  • Use custom 800 numbers on ads ?
  • We will track those calls for you automatically!
  • Just watch the reporting fill out automatically
Website Integration
  • Allow your website visitors to create a job request
  • Integrate with any website in less than 20 minutes
Multiple Assignment Modes
  • Force assign job to a single technician
  • Send jobs to multiple techs on a first come first serve basis
  • Maximum pending job cut off
  • Track technician timings & vacation days
  • Full control!
NOC Large Map view
  • Split screen large map view of your complete team
  • Control your staff right from the map
  • Put it on a big screen TV
Highly Secure SaaS Application
  • No Hardware/Software cost
  • Instant setup
  • Full control over your data
Android / iOS Clients
  • No need for new expensive hardware
  • Goes on technician’s existing phone
  • Very low data usage
  • 3G not needed
Detailed Job Searches & Listing
  • Search & filter jobs based on all the parameters
  • Allow different users to handle certain jobs by status
Instant Job Notes
  • Instantly communicate with the tech by sharing notes
  • Notes sit on the job record
  • Tech can also share a photo of a complex problem/warranty card with the dispatcher
Detailed Invoice Searches & Listing
  • Search & filter invoices based on all the parameters
  • Allow different users to handle certain invoices by status (Tech will create an invoice & accounts will collect on it.)
Instant Invoicing / Send to Customer
  • Custom formatted PDF invoice with your logo & tax information sent to customer
  • Sends invoice instantly as soon as technician creates it on the phone
Online Payments (Email/Swipe)
  • Customer can pay the invoice online using Credit card / PayPal
  • Swiper Integration to allow technician to instantly swipe the customer’s credit card
Intelligent Reporting
  • There is so much hidden in your data, you will be amazed
  • KumoTeam gives you hard facts to drive IMMEDIATE profits in your business
  • Cut costs & increase revenue based on real data real time
Fully configurable control EVERYTHING
  • Tailor made software for your business
  • You have a unique workflow & we will support it
  • Want to know what 1000’s of other service companies do? We will help you.
Fully Integrated Website!
  • Your customers can book their own appointments!
  • Web & Mobile Friendly
  • SEO friendly website
  • Google Analytics
  • Blog
  • Full CMS System to manage your own site
  • LAUNCH within 2 hours
  • Industry focused templates