Dispatch Management

Dispatch Management

What is dispatch management & how does it impact the average service company?
Dispatch management can mean different things to different people.
There are 2 aspects that can categorize this function for most service companies.

  • Incoming Calls/Job Request 
  • Call Allocation/Technician Assignment

Dispatch Service Software

Incoming Calls/Job Request

The dispatch desk is a very critical function for most service companies. This is where customer phone calls land with job requests. Efficient handling of the dispatch desk will have a direct reflection in revenue & customer satisfaction.
Fastest possible assignment & reconfirmation back to the customer are key performance indicators that any service company should monitor & try to improve constantly.

In our experience companies that are able to book jobs instantly, at the time requested by the customer are able to deliver “instant delight ” to the customer. Job allocation can typically happen later, ideally with the right dispatch management software it can happen instantly.

DID YOU KNOW? If a customer gets an appointment of their choice on their first phone call they are 2.3 times more likely to call your company again vs. if they get a window of time! 

Call Allocation/Technician Assignment

You are excellent at responding to calls & taking down job request INSTANTLY – awesome job!
Next, lets look at what can make a service company great.

  • Are you able to match the job to the right technician?dispatch manager allocating service jobs
  • Are you able to send the closest tech to the job & save gas money?
  • Are you able to update your customers about the job/tech any time they call?

These are small things that make a big difference.

DID YOU KNOW? If a customer is more than 85% satisfied, their loyalty to your brand will increase 3x if you send the same technician to them! 

How does this benefit my service business?

We work with many service companies & analyzing that data tells us that the best companies which focus on optimizing their dispatch management are able to

  • Increase business
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Decrease cost
  • Become more profitable

Can a Service Management Software Really help ?

Efficient dispatch management is near impossible without the right software.
A dispatch service software will deliver the following features for a service company:

  • Instant Live Map view of your entire team – know where everyone is NOW!
  • Real time updated technician schedule
  • Fast job creation form to take down information with the customer on the phone
  • Phone system integration to retrieve repeat customer data
  • Smart Allocation model match & allocate the perfect technician for the job

KumoTeam is a dispatch service software that allows a service company to manage their operation end to end, Learn about KumoTeam & Sign Up for a 30 day free trial.

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