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Customer Profile – Appliance Connection | Dallas, TX USA

Appliance Connection DFW is an appliance repair, service, and installation company based in Dallas, TX. AC-DFW is a fast growing business that has 5 technicians plus outside contracts that are called in when call volumes increase.

The challenge most appliance service and repair companies face

Appliance Connection was not able to focus on growth as the owner was stuck with managing customer service & technician scheduling issues.
Once a technician left the office with the daily job list, the owner had no visibility & allocating new customer request was nearly impossible.
Customers complained about the normal “Friday between 2-6” response.
Payment collections was also an issue.
They realized they need a specific appliance service software solution.

Appliance Repair Service Company Software Solution - Photo of Service Company using appliance service software

Easyf6 – The Appliance Service Software Solution

  • We deployed the Easyf6 field service software solution
  • All technicians have the application on their iPhone / Android phone / tablet
  • We configured the software to fit the exact nature of their appliance service / repair business
  • Dispatch knows EXACTLY where the Tech is & what the schedule looks like
  • New jobs can be added in & assigned instantly – everything is visible on the dashboard
  • Technicians can send out invoices to the customer from their phones & collect payments
  • Customers can now book appointments DIRECTLY on the company website / mobile site

Bottom Line – Results any Service company would love

  • Phone time per customer with dispatch down by 55% – Dispatcher is free to do more things 
  • Jobs per day week per tech increased by 27% – More jobs = higher profit
  • Jobs outsourced to contractors has reduced – Reduced cost 
  • Payment rates have gone up – Get paid faster 
  • Customer satisfaction up with updates sent directly by the system – Happy Customers
  • Management has full financial visibility – real time – Complete Control 

Customer Testimonial

appliance service company software being used by team
EasyF6 Field Service Software is absolutely amazing! Business is growing & Customers are Happy.
I started using the mobile application about 8 months ago for our In home appliance service company, and it has made a huge difference in our workflow.We no longer have to keep up with multiple papers, all information is entered in to the system and both the technician and office can view the information in real time! No more waiting for techs to turn in paper work or order parts.Overall I can say EasyF6 has helped my business grow, our office is much more organized and customers are very happy with quick turn around and response we are able to provide them. Best of all I can work from the office or on any computer! No set up is required it’s easy to log in! Thank you KumoTeam for all your support and knowledge!
Dedra Thompson | Appliance Connection Dallas TX

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