Customer Stories – M-Intergraph Systems | Singapore / Dubai

Customer Profile – M-Intergraph Systems | Singapore / Dubai

M-Intergraph Systems is a Global IT & Telecom Infrastructure Support Provider with over 600 technicians in 6 countries. Their services include

  • IT infrastructure support for enterprise customers
  • Telecom infrastructure maintenance & installation

The Challenge

MINT secured a contract from a large telecom provider in Saudi Arabia to carry out fiber installations in over 20,000 homes & businesses. Being a new geography & a new team the key challenges were

  • Coordinating customer appointments & ensuring the tech reaches on time.
  • Ensuring every job matched the documentation requirements 100%. The telecom company was very strict about quality & documentation. Their customer satisfaction standards were extremely high.
  • Jobs were being sent through a CRM system owned by the telecom provider.
  • Since many techs were remote, expensive hardware & inventory needed to be tracked.

Easyf6 – The Solution

MINT looked at many options & selected Easyf6 as a partner to deploy this field service solution.

  • Full integration with telecom companies CRM – new job came instantly to the technician 
  • 2 dispatchers can now manage & allocate jobs to over 90 techs in 3 cities.
  • Customer notifications: as soon as job is assigned/updates if tech is running late – VIA CRM
  • Custom workflow: we were able to create a PDF output at the end of the job which matched the documentation requirements 100%.
  • Inventory Management: we were able to store & manage exactly what inventory was with each tech.

Easyf6 – The Results

  • Customer contract was DOUBLED in size as the telecom company saw amazing efficiency .
  • Jobs per technician per day increased and they made more money (paid per job).
  • The telecom company was so impressed with the solution that they are now looking at a pilot evaluation of Easyf6 for their own use .